iResort ERP the flagship of the resort software systems suite offers the flexibility needed for hospitality day-to-day operations whether a small resort or international resort.

Efficient Reservations, front desk, cashiering and housekeeping processes allow hotel personnel more time to attend guest needs and preferences making even the most demanding guest to feel at home.

System efficiency is not at the expense of financial audit and control. Full transaction traceability and audit trails allow internal auditors to access the integrity of the business on a daily basis.

Extensive statistics and business mix analysis provide the means for effective revenue management towards maximization of revenue per available room.

CRM Based guest history allows instant identification of repeaters, their stay patterns and preferences in advance.

Guest history analysis also helps sales personnel to plan promotions and offers to reward valuable recurring guests.

iResort ERP allows to centralize reservations from multiple properties into one single management system. Consolidated Statistical and forecasting information available centrally and timely provide group management the resources for effective decision making.

iResort ERP Interface sophisticated set of communication tools completes the puzzle of total integration. Electronic devices or services communicate seamlessly with iResort ERP providing highest possible service to guests whilst maintaining financial integrity and security.

iResort ERP Booking Engine provides seamless connectivity with Global Internet Reservation Systems as well as Global Distribution Systems.

iResort ERP Booking engine operates effectively in order to meet the very strict time constraints that govern global reservation systems.

iResort ERP Systems are integrated with officeware back office systems providing an entire integrated IT solution.

iBusERP is designed to automate the online ticket purchasing through an easy online bus booking system.
Other features include
Using an easy admin panel, you can change system settings and customize your bus booking software as you wish: manage date & time format, booking settings, customize notifications, reservation form etc.

iRecruit ERP is an Talent Acquisition and Manpower Staffing Business Software tool that helps to find the right talent with minimum turnaround time. To help our customers prepared for the future, we have innovated solutions to manage the complete lifecycle of talent management like no other provider across the world.

iRecruit ERP fits all your needs of Talent management starting from Sourcing of profiles for a niche requirement till clearing the invoice raised by Businesses.

iRecruit ERP comes with a set of fully integrated modules that allow Recruiters and other teams to work together seamlessly. Say goodbye to rework, confusion, data duplication and inconsistencies.

More Features to add
Our Up Coming Products
iHR ERP – Which will help to automate complete HR function.Our tool covers all areas including Recruitment & Onboarding, employee information management, leave and attendance management, training, appraisals, compensation, Exit management.

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