Who We are
BSL proven process to understand our customers' specific needs and deliver the right solutions supported by the absolute best match of talent sets us apart. We are a company built on a deep network of expertise that crosses industries and geographies.

BSL provides enormous quality and value to sustain the building of high impact teams by identifying professionals with exceptional ability that fit the local business needs and cultural environment respect to the geographical location.

BSL helps clients establish their customers trust and continuously seek improvement. We assist our clients in setting up their operations, restructuring or in their expansion plans.

BSL caters to leading companies operating in UK, USA, Europe, Middle East, APAC and India with an unrivalled portfolio of Recruitment Services:

At BSL, we believe that the most successful and qualified candidates prefer to work with esteem organizations with specialties of the highest caliber. Our staffing consultants are dedicated to providing the localized and personalized services you need. They are active in the community;
know the local job market and where to find the right candidates. The traditional search method of recruiting is yet to face that challenge. Our consultants are, therefore, interested in establishing long-term partnership with our clients. As a result, they play an important, long-term, consultative role in your hiring process.

BSL Placement Process:
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