Direct Placement

We are well connected to industry contacts and
professional associations to ensure the best available candidates
with the skills and experience when you require.

Finding qualified talent to fill your permanent positions can be a complicated and time-consuming process. BSL’s Direct Placement services include a vast network of technical talent that we help identify as a perfect match for your organization.

Our team will help you identify talented, highly qualified and experienced IT professionals who are an ideal match with your business culture. Though we often focus on contract positions, which give you the opportunity to gauge the IT professional on a temporary basis with no commitment from you, when you need to fill a direct hire position, we streamline the entire process for you.

Areas in IT and related positions that we usually fill for:

Application architecture | Application development | Business intelligence | Cloud computing | Database administrators | Data architecture | Data warehousing | Developers – Database | Network administrators | Network analysts | Network architects | Network optimization engineers | Systems administrators | Systems analysts | Technical architects

for more details reach us at info@blackapple-solutions.com

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