Vastly determined and compelled by the desire to become the Investment leader in IT and Recruitment Sectors Blackapple Solutions LLC is an IT company with headquartered in New Jersey, USA. We are a global company with flourishing knowledge and competency in IT Industry over 10+ years. We provide customizable, efficient, and cost - effective Recruitment and Consulting solutions across all IT industry sectors. We are a company built on a deep network of expertise that crosses industries and geos. We target businesses at their budding phase, and invest in them both financially and by the formulation of success strategies. And spend our expertise, experience, and connections to pave the way for business success. The success of our firm is entirely dependent on the success of our companies. We win when our entrepreneurs win.

Want to become an Investor?


Investing in capital allows existing firms to incorporate new technologies and can be an important part of their strategies to reorganize production processes towards global best practices.

Fostering a supportive environment for investment and innovation is fundamental to have a dynamic and productive economy. For example, access to finance is essential to support investment, allowing firms to compete effectively in the global marketplace and helping them to anticipate and respond to changing markets and opportunities.

Strategy and Plan

Are you a High net-worth Investor or a self-certified sophisticated investor or a Restrictive investor, as a company, we seek investments and these investments will be deployed in various IT and Recruitment companies strategically briefed as below;

We have a significant team members who have concrete and diversified experience of making investments into growing and ongoing productive IT and Recruitment sectors, where there is a high yield on investment to secure our investors. Our motto is to safeguard and protect our investors as long as they are comfortable to get good returns. Even we provide guidance and support to our investors through our consulting service towards all investment activities.

We offer the working capital facility to potential SMEs, who are willing to expand their businesses and with secured returns. Your trust is our confidence and our expertise will fetch high returns, where we can guarantee fruitful returns to our investors.

We discuss, the company’s growth plan, competitive advantages, and market opportunities and the amount of financing needed and how it will be used as well, suitable co-investors


Investments in Private Company provide significant benefits to an investor with potential growth and low-risk factor, including access to new technologies and to acquaint new strategies. We offer investors fixed returns on investments between 2 – 5 years and that fetches up to 12% APR of ROI.

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